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Welcome to the UoN ICT Services Wiki

This site provides information about the University of Nairobi ICT Services.

ICT Titbits on How to Get Help Quickly

FAQ link on ICT Website

Have you checked the Frequently Asked Questions [page HERE? FAQ]

Online Helpdesks

ICT has created online Helpdesks for every College/Campus where you can send your ICT related inquiries. You need not walk physically to the ICT Office in your campus. [Support Emails.]

User Support Office

Operational hours are Monday – Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Your campus ICT office is enabled to resolve your college issues locally. Therefore, you do not need to go to the main campus ICT office (unless you are based at the main campus) as they might not have the necessary information for your college to help you on time.

Telkom Bundles Issues/Inquiries

To apply for Telkom bundles, see link [HERE.] For any issues/inquiries related to your Telkom bundles line, there is a dedicated Office that handles this. Send your inquiries to customercare[at]uonbi.ac.ke or call 0204910000